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Bleeding gums Often Can Be Early Cancer Signs Gums

Many people underestimate the health of teeth. But you should not ignore the frequent bleeding gums and sores on the gums that do not heal, because it could be a sign of gum cancer.

"Cancer gums included in oral cavity cancer. It usually occurs due to tissue injury in the oral cavity, can be on the tongue and gums," explains Prof. Dr. Melanie S Djamil, drg., MBiomed, dentist and lecturer at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Trisakti, when contacted detikHealth , on Wednesday (02/16/2011).

According to Prof. Melanie, gum cancer usually occurs because of stimulation in the gums that is often overlooked, such as coral gums or gums become inflamed, causing serious inflammation and causes the growth of cancer cells.

Prof. Melanie explains some early signs of gum cancer, is as follows:
Gums bleed but often overlooked
Ulcer or wound in the gum that does not heal
Until swollen inflamed gums, bone out, rocking the tooth until the tooth dislodged by itself.

But according to Prof. Melanie, cancer of the gums usually appear as triggered by unhealthy living habits, namely tobacco chewing, smoking and drinking alcohol.

"Usually the alcohol is known to cause liver cancer. But from research in Australia, alcohol is digested so acetaldehyde can also be a trigger (trigger) oral cavity cancer around the gums and tongue," explained Prof. Melanie.

Prof. Melanie says, the incidence of gum cancer frequently occur in areas that most communities still have a culture nyusur or chewing tobacco (not nyirih or chewing betel).

When nyusur, tobacco is not used alone but there are other substances. Among these are deposits of lime (Java: njet), betel nuts and leaves of gambier.

"The materials used for this nyusur make the body's cells do not develop properly, especially tobacco, which can trigger cancer cells," explained Prof. Melanie.

In addition, Prof. Melanie explains gum cancer patient usually also has oncogenes (genes that could potentially lead to carcinoma or cancer). And bad habits such as smoking, nyusur tobacco (smokeless or chewing tobacco), and drinking alcohol can trigger the proliferation of cancer cells.

When detected at an early stage, the chance of cancer cure gum is still large. However, if late, the cancer cells in the gums can become metaphase to other body parts, such as the lomfoid tissue or lymph nodes.

Therefore, always be aware of early symptoms of cancer and live healthy gums by removing the tobacco and alcohol from your life.

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